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It is being used nowadays and refers to the use of Info rmation and Communication Technology/ ICT/ by government organizations. It is the application of ICT to improve efficiency and effectiveness, create transparency and accountability of informational and transactional exchanges within government, between governments and government agencies at all levels, (G2G), citizens (G2C) and businesses (G2B); and to empower citizens through access and use of information.


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E-Government, efficiently and purposefully implemented, can be an important tool for deep institutional reform in the public and private sectors, for civil service reform, for justice system reform, for greater efficiency in the provision of public sector goods and services, especially in Business Process Reengineering. With increased openness of markets and free capital flows, countries are in competition in the global marketplace    for investments, human skills, and the latest technological innovations. Therefore, availability of ICT literate personnel in the Region is not unique.

It was said that the latest technological advancements in agriculture, health, finance, and other sectors developmental efforts have been achieved by through the help of Information and Communication Technology, especially for developing countries.

Thus, the establishment of a democratic culture should be high on governments’ agendas. In this context, the concept of “good governance” plays an increasingly prominent role. Good governance can be seen as an exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to better manage affairs of a Region at all levels. The objective is to make collective decision-making efficient, democratic and transparent.

Cognizant of this fact, the government of Ethiopia, in general and the Amhara National Regional State, in particular has made the development of Inform

ation and Communication Technology as one of strategic priorities. The government has fully recognized Information and Communication Technology as a development strategy in the fight against poverty and backwardness and to bring about fast and sustainable development.



ወርክሾፕ ተካሄደ::

በባህር ዳር አይ.ሲ.ቲ ቢዝነስ ኢንኩቤሽን ማዕከል ተደራጅተው ድጋፍ ከሚደረግላቸው ካምፖኒዎች መካከል polytech IT solution ያለማውን ስማርት ሲቲ ፕሮጀክት ለደንበኞች በወርክሾፕ አስተዋወቀ፡፡

መስከረም 22/2007 ዓ.ም በባህር ዳር አይ.ሲ.ቲ ቢዝነስ ኢንኩቤሽን ማዕከል ለግማሽ ቀን ያህል በተካሄደው ወርክ ሾፕ ላይ በተለያዩ የግል ዘርፎች በንግድ ሥራ የተሠማሩ እንዲሁም ከመንግስት ተቋማት የተውጣጡ ባለድርሻ አካላት ተሣትፈዋል፡፡

ስማርት ሲቲ ፕሮጀክት በሚል የለማ ሲሆን የፕሮጀክቱን አጠቃላይ ይዘት ባለቤቶቹ አቶ ወንድማገኝ ፀጋየና አቶ ሙሉጌታ ሙጨ ለተሣታፊዎቹ አቅርበዋል፡፡ ከቀረበው ገለፃ ለመረዳት እንደተቻለው ፕሮጀክቱ የቢዝነስ ተቋማትን የመረጃ ክፍተት ለመሙላት የሚያስችልና ደንበኛቸው በየትኛውም የአለም ክፍል ሆኖ ስለ ድርጅቱ ሙሉ መረጃ የሚያገኝበት እንዲሁም አገልግሎቱን የሚያሣልጥበት እንደሆነ ተብራርቷል፡፡ ሲስተሙ በአለም አቀፍ ደረጃ ተደራሽ ሲሆን በማህበራዊ ድረ ገጾችም ጭምር መረጃዎቹን የሚሠጥ እንደሆነ አቅራቢዎቹ ገልፀዋል፡፡

የወርክሾፑ ተሳታፊዎች ስማርት ሞባይሎችን ተጠቅሞ መገልገል የሚቻል በመሆኑ ተደራሽነቱን ከማሣደጉም ባሻገር የንግድ ድርጅት ባለቤቶች ከተለመደው አሠራር ወጥተው ቴክኖሎጅውን በመጠቀም ትርፋማና ውጤታማ መሆን እንደሚያስችላቸው የባህር ዳር አይ.ሲ.ቲ ቢዝነስ ኢንኩቤሽን ማዕከል ሥራ አስኪያጅ አቶ ወሠኑ አማረ ጠቁመዋል፡፡

ፕሮጀክቱ ለሆቴሎች፣ ለሱፐርማርኬቶች፣ ለገበያ ማዕከላት ወዘተ. ድርጅቶች የስራ እንቅስቃሴ መሳካት አስተዋጽኦው የጐላ እንደሆነና መረጃቸውን በየጊዜው የሚያድሱት የድርጅቱ ባለቤቶች እንደሆኑ በውይይቱ ወቅት ተብራርቷል፡፡

ስለ ፕሮጀክቱ ከተሣታፊዎች የተለያዩ ጥያቄዎችና አስተያየቶች ተነስተው ውይይት ተደርጐባቸዋል፡፡ በተለይም ፕሮጀክቱን በሠፊው የማስተዋወቅ ሥራ እንደሚያስፈልግ ከተሣታፊዎች በአጽንኦት ተጠቁሟል፡፡

የባህር ዳር አይ.ሲ.ቲ ቢዝነስ ኢንኩቤሽን ማዕከል በአይ.ሲ.ቲና ተዛማጅ በሆኑ ዘርፎች ከዩኒቨርስቲ የተመረቁ ወጣቶችን በካምፖኒ ደረጃ በማወዳደርና በመቀበል የመስሪያ ቦታና ቁሣቁስ በማገዝ እንዲሁም ብድር በማመቻቸት ተጠቃሚ እንዲሆኑ በማድረግ ላይ ይገኛል፡፡


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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is known to be caused by  Humanimmuno virus (HIV).

     It is a highly spreading virus through out the world.

   The virus is believed to be found only in human beings and transmitted from person to person by    unprotected sexual intercourse, mother to child during pregnancy and delivery and sharing sharp materials, the virus basically attacks immune cells and CD4 cells.

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